Marketing is a business activity that aims to satisfy customer needs and create meaningful customer relationships. Marketing knowledge includes strategic planning, market and consumer research, and the use and adaptation of key marketing methods (product and design, brand, price, marketing communication, distribution, and service).

At Aalto University School of Business, marketing is provided both in Bachelor's and Master's level programmes.

  • The Bachelor’s Programme in Marketing gives the student a comprehensive and practical perspective into how business is created, managed, and conducted in a market- and customer-oriented way.
  • In the MSc Programme in Marketing, the student learns about the central role of marketing and marketing practices in business. The objective of the MSc in Marketing Programme is to develop students’ strategic thinking and analytical capabilities as well as provide knowledge and skills in identifying customer needs and creating valuable, long-term customer relationships in an economically and ethically sustainable fashion.
  • The Doctoral Programme in Marketing provides a comprehensive education for students seeking a career in academia. Students develop and sharpen skills in independent research, teaching and service.

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